Oil painting on trowel - Art from Italy

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Antonio palomba was born in Capri in a three generation family of artists and was trained by his father , well known for his paintings and ceramic works. Antonio loves to represents all the aspects of Capri Island, even the lesser known with a constant search for quality of light.

oil painting on trowel depicting the famous Piazzetta of Capri Island
It is treated with a special resin that protects the object from attrition
The choice of paint on the trowel symbolizes the construction of life, brick by brick
In our tradition this trowel is a wishes gift towards those who are about to start a new life.
It is delivered in a fabric pouch
Made by Antonio Palomba painter
It is a nice gift for those who have "built" their love on the Island of Capri

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Brand: Antonio Palomba

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