where to buy Capri sandals online

where to buy Capri sandals online

Where to buy Capresi sandals online:

They are undoubtedly among the most famous shoes in the world, made unique and iconic by celebrities who frequented the island of Capri since the 50s such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Sofia Loren, Clark Cable up to our days thanks to numerous fashion bloggers and VIPs from all over the world and who once arrived in Capri cannot leave the island without bringing with them at least a pair of made-to-measure sandals.

These sandals have their roots since the time of Emperor Tiberius, who resided in Capri and who had leather soles made with long leather laces to tie at the ankle (the very current slave sandals) to easily travel the inaccessible streets. of the Island.

The Capri sandal, the original one, is made to order and made to measure with the ancient techniques of the past! The sole is pierced and the leather bands nailed to it. The result is a unique shoe, created according to your taste. In the real Capresi sandals shops you can in fact choose from an infinite multitude of leathers, colors and models and leave room for your imagination by indulging yourself and creating your 100% customized model.

So, where you can buy original Capri sandals online? The answer is easy: HERE! 

What are the best-selling models?

Simplicity is always rewarded even in this case! The best-selling models are the iconic and timeless essential flip flop in its various forms. Thin, very simple and very elegant at the same time. It slims your foot and fits perfectly with everything from the outfit for the sea to that for the evening.

The classic caprese slave. The most youthful and versatile model par excellence. Slave sandals can be worn tied in 3 different ways and it will be like owning 3 sandals in one! Worn with miniskirt laced up to below the knee or ankle with Capri pants; they are a must in summer and will turn sensual, elegant or playful depending on the occasion!


And for those who don't love flip flops?
The classic slipper in woven leather. Very refined, stylish and essential. Refined model to be worn strictly with sober outfits.
If, on the other hand, you are a lover of jewel sandals, the top model par excellence is the sparkling 3099. Swarovski crystals in plain colors form a small brilliant triangle that will not go unnoticed in the evening. These sandals shine with their own light and make each summer outfit unique, completing perfectly.

Precious jewels emerge directly from the seabed of Capri!

Like coral branches embellished with Swarovski or shells and marine compositions perfectly positioned on the sandal. Unique, elegant and absolutely Made in Capri creations.

Capri sandals online are also for the little ones!

Password for children? Comfort! Our artisans have created an online collection designed for girls and boys of all ages. Cheeky, colorful and comfortable sandals with non-slip. Some models can be made the same for mother and daughter, a real Capri gem, don't you think? You just have to choose the one that best suits your little one, our artisans will make it to measure and with the best Italian leathers.

From today it is possible to buy the original Capri sandals, handmade on the Island of Capri in some of the oldest shops on the island also online. In fact, every season, together with our artisans, we select new models and offer our customers around the world the opportunity to indulge in a small work of art even from a distance. Choose your favorite model and treat yourself to a unique shoe.

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