A Valentine made in Capri

A Valentine made in Capri

A Valentine's Day Made in Capri: 3 gift ideas for every budget!

Among the various qualities attributed to the island of Capri there is also that of being the Island of love. In fact, it offers to couples of lovers from all over the world romantic landscapes, breathtaking sunsets and moonlit walks through its zigzagging alleys made of arches and soft lights. It is no coincidence that Capri has been a source of inspiration for numerous poets such as Pablo Neruda who have enhanced its romantic and unique side in the world.
If you still have no idea what to give to your loved one for this Valentine's Day we offer you something unavailable elsewhere and Made in Capri.

1) A ceramic Capri bell to hang: An object not only beautiful but also of great significance since its existence is linked to the legend of the Campanella di San Michele according to which, by giving it to someone special it, at every chime , would have the power to make every wish come true. What could be more romantic than wishing those we love that every wish of yours becomes reality?

2) A fragrance for her or for him with the scent of ... Capri! Lemon, marine notes, jasmine, rose and woody notes are just some of the ingredients contents of the precious Capri Breeze fragrances for men and women. Perfumes that evoke the most magical places of Capri such as Via Krupp or the bay of Marina Piccola. Nebulize to believe.

3) A pendant in gold and precious stones in the shape of a flower from the Capri bloom line.
Flowers and jewels are always a perfect combination when you think of a gift to give to a woman. If then the jewel is already a flower in itself then you're done! Precious stones merge with gold in the elegant Capri Bloom pendants
white or yellow and diamonds. You just have to choose the favorite color of your beloved!

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