Wishes for 2021: a bit of "good luck charms"

Wishes for 2021: a bit of "good luck charms"

Wishes for 2021: a bit of "good luck charms"

Another year has now passed, and a new one has just begun. This 2021 can be confidently considered as "the turning point": a year in which we all hope to return to travel, to pursue our dreams and above all to achieve our goals. To face 2021 in the best possible way, we want to offer you a mini guide to all our lucky charms made in Capri, many lucky charms to start the new year on the right foot.


Sciò Sciò 2020, welcome 2021

"Sciò Sciò" is not just a superstitious expression, but is the name of this fantastic line of jewelry entirely made in Capri. This is an exclusive line of lucky bracelets made with themed beads and pendants. Ideal as personal lucky charm but also perfect for a gift: the Neapolitan tradition in fact wants the typical "cornicello" to be given to the person to whom we wish to wish good luck. Choose your favorite color and buy them here.


A pendant for a friend

If you love small lucky charms to always keep with you and hang on any object you want, then you will not be able to resist our collection of horn-shaped pendants made of both coral, gold and turquoise: small works of art to wear as and when you want. Find out here.


Bonheur doors made to measure for your home

Your home also needs to be furnished with the right home decor items to face 2021 on the right foot, don't you think? We have the solution for you: a selection of sculptures-vases with an unusual and original color and shape, perfect for bringing luck and a pinch of Caprese art into your homes. What is your favorite? Find them here.

Choose the lucky charms you prefer, to help you spend a new year full of joy, prosperity and good luck, we are waiting for you at www.manecapri.com

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