Handmade Capri Jewel sandals : To be chic even without heels

Handmade Capri Jewel sandals : To be chic even without heels

Handmade jewel sandals, to be chic even without heels!

This year more than ever, we yearn for the arrival of Summer with its warm evenings, the sea and light-heartedness. How many of us are looking forward to being able to start wearing colorful clothes and sandals again?

The good news is that very little is missing for all of this! In order not to find you unprepared again this year, the Capri shop Da Costanzo has created a collection of precious jewel sandals in perfect line with the colors proposed on the SS20 fashion catwalks dedicated to those who love elegance without wanting to give up comfort.

Fuchsia: It is definitely a shade that suits the most daring. Those who love flashy and bright colors.
Da Costanzo proposes it on the best-selling model ever among his "jewels". We imagine it with a white Capri-style minidress or trousers. What do you think?

A cascade of colors: It is the top model of this collection that comes from a combination of various shades ranging from pink to green. In practice, a sandal that will look good with 99% of your Summer outfits! Just decide the color of the bands you prefer.

Capri Blue: If we think of a color that represents the Island of Capri, this can only come to mind. It is the shade of elegance and the sea that surrounds the island that Da Costanzo has reproduced and inserted in this precious crystal jewel.

And now choose your shade here!

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