Ballerì Capri, walking with lemons!

Ballerì Capri, walking with lemons!


Ballerì Capri, ballerinas in pure capri style:

The Isle of Capri is a mix of breathtaking beauties, bright colors and heady scents. Walking through its narrow streets you will often catch a glimpse of gardens with flowering bougainvilleas and lemon trees. Just the latter are often used in local cuisine, as a base for perfumes and fragrances for the home because Capri is like lemons like Naples is to Pizza! And it is from the union of the Neapolitan word "ballerì" and the lemons of Capri that the De Lizza brothers' idea, for years in the shoe industry, is born to create an exquisite collection of strictly handcrafted and Made in Italy ballerinas shoes: The fabulous Ballerì precisely !


Lemon soul collection:


A mix of classic red, blue, blue and white stripes enriched with vivid embroidery of lemons on various models: from the simple ballerina to the one tied to the ankle with a closure embellished with white Swarovski crystals. All strictly pointed! In short, a real treat that cannot be missed in the wardrobe of those who love the unmistakable and very elegant Capri style. To wear under jeans, with skirts or with shorts, for the office or the aperitif, in short, a real treat to show off on all occasions, to liven up and give a jaunty touch to your city outfits. These delightful ballerinas are a true passe par tout that transports you into the summer mood wherever you are.


For each diva his model:


Audrey, Anita, Jk are the divas inspired by the Ballerì models, iconic and super chic divas that have loved the Isle of Capri and local craftsmanship. Each model has a small and unique peculiarity, from the detail with a bow to the multi-turn closure around the ankle! Small but precious details that make each pair of Ballerì unique and unmistakable. It will be really impossible not to love them ... So? All you have to do is choose yours! You can find them all here:

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