Antonio Palomba and his Capri on canvas

Antonio Palomba and his Capri on canvas

Antonio Palomba and his Capri on canvas.

There are many artists who have tried to best represent the essence of Capri, to reproduce its beauty and its breathtaking views. Capri is known to be an island that lends itself particularly well as an artistic subject for painters who love the landscape genre. A name for everyone is certainly Antonio Palomba, a native of Capri and a great connoisseur of his beloved island. Antonio approached painting at the age of 8 thanks to his father and grandfather, both Capri painters. His house was in fact always frequented by local and non-local artists and Antonio grew up breathing art.

In the footsteps of the Antonio family he began to prefer the landscapes and places of Capri once enriched by elements of the Capri flora and by what he defines "the light that only in Capri is in the air, a light that, being limestone, reflects everything on the rock ". His is an island suspended in time, portrayed in all its many shades, both in Summer and in Winter when places displace and colors change.

There are many VIPs who brought one of his works with them before leaving the island and there is no prestigious villa in Capri that does not contain at least one painting by Antonio Palomba. His paintings, of indisputable taste, transport us with the mind in the wonderful places depicted to the point of being able to almost perceive the smells of the Capri flora and the sounds of the sea contained in them.

Antonio Palomba's Gallery is just a few minutes walk from the Piazzetta, here you can admire many of his works and watch the artist at work! Many of his works can also be found on our portal by clicking here!

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