Gift ideas Made in Capri for Christmas

GIFT IDEAS MADE IN CAPRI FOR CHRISTMAS15-11-2022 in Unique and Made in capri gift ideas


Gift ideas Made in Capri for Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and like every year many of us wonder what to give to our loved ones. We are all always looking for a unique, original and quality gift. Something that whoever receives our gift hardly already possesses and that can make them happy and amaze them.

We thought we'd make your task easier and help you choose by grouping our Made in Capri gift proposals based on the tastes of your friends and relatives.

The superstitious friend: Our culture, the Neapolitan one, attaches great importance to the concept of luck and superstition. One of the superstitious symbols par excellence of our region is the classic Neapolitan horn. Legend wants it to be strictly given as a gift to bring good luck to whoever receives it. Here you will find some models in various price ranges. From those in gold and authentic coral to those in 925 silver. Each one is delicious and elegant and will be shipped already in the jewelry gift box.

The friend who will spend the holidays in the heat: Do you prefer to avoid the usual scarves, gloves and hats? An idea could be a summer garment if the person receiving the gift is planning a trip to a warm destination! Among the chicest proposals, the Dolce Vista Boutique designer swimuits and coordinated accessories and the classic Capri sandals from our shops stand out. Finally, if your budget is higher, you could think of an iconic Laboratorio Capri bag, created to order by hand. A real gem!

The pet lover friend: Anyone who has a friend or relative who loves animals, someone who considers our four-legged friends as a member of the family. A unique and truly original idea is the Capripet line of accessories for cats/dogs/owner. Collars and leashes embellished with sparkling stones, lucky bells and corals combined with the unisex bracelet practically equal to the accessory chosen for the pet. A cadeau that will surely be appreciated!

The friend beauty addicted: There are those who just can't give up their beauty routine by dedicating hours to taking care of their body. In this case, our proposal is the fantastic 100% natural vegan products based on local products signed by Capri Oleum. Body cream, face cream (for all ages), hand cream, after shave and much more. Already from the first applications you will notice the benefit that these products bring, giving is believing!


The foodie friend: Capri is to Limoncello what Dante is to poetry. On our site you will find many gift ideas based on this legendary liqueur such as boxes (in various price ranges) with a mix of products but also simple hand-decorated collectible Limoncello bottles, very beautiful for decorating any room in the house! Alternatively, if the recipient loves to cook, you could consider the boxes for Capri ravioli or Capri cake signed by the historic Bar Grotta Azzurra of Capri. Here you will find everything you need, recipes included, to prepare these tasty recipes enclosed in delicious and elegant gift boxes.

The sentimental friend: We all love to receive gifts that contain a deep meaning, something that goes beyond the beauty of the object itself. In this case, the Campanella di Capri ( Capri bell charm) will certainly be the perfect gift. A small amulet available both in a jewel version and in a home decor ceramic version linked to the legend of San Michele (which you can read here) destined to bring a lot of luck to whoever receives it with every stroke. Each accessory with the bells is shipped in a gift box with a small parchment bearing the moving legend. Impossible not to love them.

These and many other Capri proposals await you in our shop!