Capri Aqua Watch

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"L'Ora di Capri" is an innovative project, born out from the passion of some professionals of Capri, with the intent to redefine and realize watches entirely designed and dedicated to the island.

Value and high quality; a unique concept of exclusivity given by an attentive research and peculiarity of elements linked to the Island and to its wonderful sea, taking full advantage of that set of emotions, beauty and charm that have made our island, the most popular in the world.
"Ask an islander of Capri - What time is it? - The same hour of yesterday at this time; and the same hour of tomorrow, everlasting time: the hour of Capri". (Aria di Capri by Edwin Cerio) .

  • Case: 416 Stainless steel

  • Glass: mineral glass

  • Quadrant: Embossed printing

  • Lancets: 416 stainless steel

  • Strap: Natural leather Blue

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    Product code: LC851BACCIAIO

    Brand: L' Ora di Capri

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