Men cachemere knitwear

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The knitwear factory "Denny" since 1962 produces knitwear and accessories in cashmere for woman and man. Respecting the tradition of excellence, the collection is identified in a knitting product exclusively made in Italy and is created with the intent to satisfy even the most demanding customers, as designed to enhance the modern trends through the solid foundations of tradition.

  • Men's knitwear

  • 100 % two-wire cashmere

  • Do not ruin it over time

  • Crew-neck

  • Light blue color

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Brand: Denny

More available colors

Men cachemere knitwear Denny | 7 | PARICOLLOROSSO CORAL Men cachemere knitwear Denny | 7 | PARICOLLOGIALLO Men cachemere knitwear Denny | 7 | PARICOLLOBEIGE Men cachemere knitwear Denny | 7 | PARICOLLOVERDE Men cachemere knitwear Denny | 7 | PARICOLLOGLICINE

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