Aram Capri boutique Capri Spritz t-shirt

€ 39.00

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  • Unisex t.shirt

  • 100% pure cotton

  • Elasticized a little bit

  • Made in Italy

  • Aram Capri boutique

  • Round neck

  • High quality cotton

Inspiration is all around us. In the case of the fashion line "Aram V" comes straight from the Island of Capri. Each design is indeed inspired by Capri details that often dazzle the most attentive observers; special tiles, gates, and Mediterranean nature.  Each print is designed by the young Raffaella Pecoraro, art designer and founder of the new brand, and is created exclusively for "Aram V Capri".

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Product code: OD01RH18414ARANCIONE

Brand: Aram Capri

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