Handmade blue Capri sunglasses

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  • Tiberio model.

  • High quality Mazzucchelli spotted brown plastic material sunglasses.

  • Blue Capri nylon lenses

  •  100% protection from UV and are resistant to shocks and scratches.

  • Handmade.

  • Capri People realizes sunglasses in the highest quality materials and an impeccable manufacturing to give its customers the feeling of uniqueness that comes wearing a true art work.
    The forms have a vintage mood, inspired by the icons who went to Capri during the 50s and 60s , reinterpreted in a modern use of unconventional materials and colors.

    It's possible to customize your sunglasses with a small engraving in 7 days.
    All models are customizable. The frames can be made in other colors. The lenses are available in other colors, mirrored, opaque or ordinary. Contact customer service for requests.  

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    Product code: TIBERIO/2019MARRONE/BLU

    Brand: Capri People

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