Cropped silk top

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Blanche Capri Cotuture was born from an idea of ??Bianca Mattia, a professional lawyer but a lover and passionate about high fashion. Thus opens its first store - tailoring in the historic center of Capri with a collection made of fine fabrics and classic garments, in pure Capri style but never banal.

  • Short top in pure silk

  • 100% Italian silk of the highest quality

  • Sartorial

  • Made in Capri and made to order

  • Pineapple fantasy

  • Regular fit

  • If not immediately available, it will be made to order with a waiting time ranging from 10 to 20 days

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Brand: Blanche Capri Couture

More available colors

Cropped silk top  Blanche Capri Couture | 40 | SOFIATOPANGURIE Cotton cropped top  Blanche Capri Couture | 40 | SOFIATOPDOLCE Pure cotton cropped top Blanche Capri Couture | 40 | SOFIATOPCAPRI

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