• € 295.00

    Cactus-shaped pillow in a pot Entirely handmade Exclusive for the  boutique Eco Capri Measures 58 x 26 cm 100% organic cotton

  • € 220.00

    Pillow with print of Capri houses Measure 45 x 45 Cotton and viscose Interior included Made in Italy

  • € 350.00

    Entirely hand-embroidered pillow Measures 38 x 28 cm "Love story between two Blue Lizards" embroidery Solid color back Cotton Made in Italy

  • € 220.00

    Pillow with bougainvillea print of capri  Cotton and viscose  made in Italy Solid backside Interior included Size 45 x 45

  • € 630.00

    Large pillow entirely embroidered by handIt depicts a love story between the Blue Lizards of CapriMade in ItalyMeasure 50 x 50Interior includedSolid color back

  • € 220.00

    Pillow with press of Vesuvius in eruption Made in Italy Measure 45 x 45 Interior included Solid color back

  • € 190.00

    Decorative pillow in the shape of the Blue Lizard of the Faraglioni 100% organic cotton Made entirely by hand for the Eco Capri boutique Measure 60 x 40

  • € 350.00

    Cushion entirely hand embroidered It represents the flora of Capri Made in Italy It measures 38 x 38 cm Interior included Solid color back

  • € 220.00

    Cotton and viscose cushion with butterfly wings Made in Italy plain back measuring 45 x 45 cm inside included

  • € 580.00

    Cushion entirely embroidered by hand It represents the flora of Capri Measure 54 x 54 Made in Italy Cotton Solid color back

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