Sandali capresi artigianali marroni

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Comfortable, stylish, trendy or classic. Whatever is your style, there is always a handicrafted Capri sandals suitable to your tastes and your needs. Professionalism and long experience is what you can find every day in the shop "Da Costanzo" as the proof of how much skill and commitment are needed to achieve the original and inimitable Capri sandals.

  • Original Capri sandals

  • 100% leather

  • Handmade in "Da Costanzo shop"

  • Adjustable strap

  • Decorative chamois tassels

  • Brown and nude

  • Elegant and comfortable

  • Chamois basis

  • Leather tassels

This is a product made on demand, the waiting time can vary from 2 up to 7 working days.

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Brand: Da Costanzo

More available colors

Sanadali capresi neri con nappine decorative argentate Da Costanzo | 5032256 | NAPPINE PELLEARGENTO Black Capri sandals with pink tassels Da Costanzo | 5032256 | NAPPINE PELLEMETAL Orange Capri sandals with tassels Da Costanzo | 5032256 | NAPPINE PELLEARANCIO Nude and pink Capri sandals with tassels Da Costanzo | 5032256 | NAPPINE PELLEROSA

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